Buying the Ignitor

We do a lot of research at T2 Publishing. So you can imagine when it came time to buy an Ignitor for ourselves we researched a lot more than part number. We wanted to know compatible part numbers, other ranges using the same part and the social security number of our sales rep. You never can be too careful.

Much of this research is reflected throughout the website. For now let me give you what you need to know. The important information for most consumers comes down to two things: price and service.


From any reputable appiance part store, this part was running between $59 and $69. I saw people selling it on eBay for less, but my ability to cook dinner is at stake. I decided to not risk it. Shipping added another $6 to $12. After a look at the shipping and return policy or, I chose them and paid a grand total of $72.20.


Two things drew me to AppliancePartsPros. I want my part fast. Remember, dinner is at stake. AppliancePartsPros guarantees they will ship the part the same day it is ordered. The only way it could ship sooner than that is if they knew what I was going to order before I did. Creepy.

My order arrived the next day. I did not pay extra for shipping and can’t guarantee this is their standard, but 24 hours later I had my part in hand. The right part on the first try. An astounding 91% of their orders arrive within two business days.

But what if they had sent me the wrong part, or one that didn’t work? Both have happened to me with other online orders in the past. Most places I looked either did not allow returns or a 30 day (or less) window. APP gives 365 days. If I can lose my keys, you can be sure I lose track of when I need to return a widget. I’ve lost my share of rebates.


Before I forget, the part number is AP2014008. APP sells the original GE replacement part. The part and these instructions work well for a huge number of stoves.